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Reliability Statement
Intelligence, Inc.'s services, including Event Intelligence (AKA DJ Intelligence) and Party Blast are critical applications used by thousands of customers every day. System stability, uptime, and safety is a top priority for us.
System Reliability
How does Intelligence, Inc. make its websites and services reliable?
We build our software platform so that Intelligence, Inc.'s services, including Event Intelligence (AKA DJ Intelligence) and Party Blast, are available and accessible in a variety of disaster scenarios. This includes situations such as server hardware failures, loss of internet connectivity, loss of AC power, and more (explained in detail below). Disaster recovery planning is a huge part of what we do.
Are Intelligence, Inc.'s websites and services always available?
Our goal is to ensure you can always access your Event Intelligence (AKA DJ Intelligence) and Party Blast account. There may be times when our services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance, hardware failure, or connection outage. In the event of an outage, Intelligence, Inc.'s technical team is dispatched as soon as the failure is detected and work to restore service as quickly as possible. We are proud to boast a 12-month 99.85% uptime average across all of our services. You can check our Status page for the real-time service status.
What steps does Intelligence, Inc. take to mitigate hardware failures?
We have built an incredible amount of redundancy into our tech stack. Services are distributed among multiple servers. All servers run RAID-5 hard drive configurations with hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies, meaning parts for these common failures can be interchanged with no downtime. For more serious failures, we keep backup hardware on hand for virtually any scenario, ranging from backup servers and switches to more complex systems such as firewalls and backup appliances. All backup hardware is on site and ready to be deployed at moment's notice. Every failure has given us the opportunity to learn and develop new plans to ensure they do not re-occur again the future.
What steps does Intelligence, Inc. take to mitigate power loss and/or internet connection outage?
Our server facility features a commercial grade battery backup system that can run the entire facility for up to an hour. Fortunately, an hour is not necessary since Intelligence, Inc. has a natural gas powered generator that automatically starts after 30 seconds of power interruption. To mitigate against internet connection outages, Intelligence, Inc. is serviced by multiple separate commercial internet providers. Each provider brings in their connection completely independently using different technology to reduce the odds of multiple connections ever going down at the same time. Intelligence, Inc.'s core router is programmed with automatic failover so that in the event the primary connection goes down, the backup connection is automatically deployed.
Data Safety
Is my data safe with Intelligence, Inc.?
Our databases are architected using best practices for data safety and recovery. All data stored on the Intelligence, Inc. platform is replicated to both a local backup appliance and encrypted off site to the cloud. The local backup allows for rapid data recovery with minimal service interruption. The offsite cloud backup serves as an emergency backup in the event of a catastrophic loss, such as a fire or flood. The offsite cloud backup is located in a different geographic region to protect against a regional disaster. Both local and offsite backups are versioned allowing us to revert data back to any moment in time. Local backups are retained for 1 year and offsite cloud backups are kept forever.
Is my data secure with Intelligence, Inc.?
Our backups utilize an aggressive combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption. The United States government approved 192-bit AES encryption as the preferred method for protecting top secret information. Our backups start with the even more secure 256-bit AES encryption level. Your data is secured by this aggressive encryption methodology both while being transferred offsite. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between our servers and our offsite backup. We encourage you to view our Security Policy for full details.
Recoverability and Reliance
What is the geographical location of the site where my data is stored?
Intelligence, Inc. data is primarily stored in our datacenter in a western suburb of Chicago, USA. This central Midwest location allows for extremely fast connections from all parts of the country with virtually no latency. Data that is replicated to the cloud is stored in alternate geographic regions to protect against a regional disaster.
How does Intelligence, Inc. ensure all my data is backed up and can be restored in case of a disaster?
The disaster recovery strategy at Intelligence, Inc. uses a combination of local and offsite backups to ensure that there are multiple copies of data available to be restored. Local backups are designed to provide a quick recovery mechanism where the recovery can happen in minutes. Offsite backups are used in the event of a more catastrophic loss.
Can I recover my data if I accidentally delete it?
Based on the context of the deletion, it may be possible to undelete and recover data within a day of the data being accidentally deleted. Customers can contact Intelligence, Inc. for our staff to determine whether it is possible and the best way to recover your data.
Automatic Monitoring and System Status
What does Intelligence, Inc. do to monitor its systems?
Intelligence, Inc. uses industry-leading tools and independent 3rd party services to monitor and analyze the behavior of our servers, network, websites, and services. Any failures, outages, or other inconsistencies will cause our automation to take the appropriate corrective action (e.g. failover to backup power or internet) or it will notify our technical team of an abnormality that needs review and attention (e.g. hardware failure). We usually know about problems before our customers do.
We're not able to connect to an Intelligence, Inc. website or service, how can we resolve this?
A website can be unavailable due to a variety of reasons. Check our Status page to determine if there are any issues with Intelligence, Inc. services or if a regional internet outage that may be causing an issue. If the Status site does not show a current issue, please contact our technical support team.
How does Intelligence, Inc. let its customers know and keep them updated?
If we find issues that might affect your ability to use Intelligence, Inc. services, but our websites are still active, we will post it immediately on the websites. Non-critical updates are additionally posted on the websites. In the event that a more serious outage is occurring, we will often send an email update to our users. You can also check our Status page for any outages.
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